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What You’ll Learn

Customer success (and making customers successful) is more important than ever before.

But here’s the thing: it’s much easier said than done.

Everyone says “get closer to your customers”, “increase your NRR”, “reduce churn”. But how do you actually do that?

That’s why I created this newsletter - to share what I’m learning about the things companies are actually doing everyday to make their customers successful. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create a proactive, outcome based strategy for customer success
  • Tactics for improving cross-functional alignment to make customers successful
  • How to systematically build and optimize your success playbook with how-to guides and templates

If you want to increase your impact and make customers successful, then Happy Customers is for you. See you in your inbox.

–Stuart Balcombe

Insights From Today's Onboarding Leaders

Not just a list of links. Our newsletter is powered by real-world insights from our podcast conversations and product data.

"All meetings should start with some kind of a user insight. And it's not just a random thing. It should align with something that you're already noodling. Whatever the focus is. If you know that your quarterly roadmap includes these three big things, then make sure that the things that you're sharing actually line up with those themes.”

Ellie Hutton

Director of Customer Success, Dooly

"We know customers that have churned, we know customers that have grown, so we can plot back against that, looking at milestones, looking at health triggers, looking at different usage trends, adoption trends. So we can say, this is what people on that path do."

Dan Ennis

Scale Team Manager - Customer Success,

"The reality is customers don't care about your products. Sorry to break the news. They're really interested in being better at their jobs. They're interested in transforming their business. They're interested in saving time. They're interested in making more money, saving money, being compliant. So the goal is to help them reach value, not just to go live with your product."

Donna Weber

Author, Onboarding Matters

"When you're first building a CS org ... get an understanding of who your customers are, what behaviors do you need to drive for adoption? Is there a massive change management issue? Is it your piece of technology that you might have have issues with? What you're really trying to lead towards is what's that one key behavior that everyone needs to gravitate towards."

Sean MacPherson

VP Customer Success, Alyce