How to Avoid Tripping Customers Up In Onboarding

Stuart Balcombe

December 8, 2022

2 minutes

Optimizing onboarding tasks

Next time you’re stuck waiting for a customer to complete an onboarding task, ask yourself:

If this task was presented without any context…would I complete it there and then?

The idea is you need to put yourself in your customer's shoes and start looking for reasons this task WOULD NOT be completed.

What are all the possible things that could trip a customer up? Things like:

  • It not being clear WHO should do the task
  • No clear indication of WHEN this task should be done
  • Lack of clarity around WHY this task is important
  • Confusion around HOW to complete the task
  • A meandering path to WHAT needs to be done

Once you’re past the big 5 it’s time to look at the tiny details, everything counts when it comes to driving action and helping your customers to reduce their time to value.

  • Is our copy action-oriented?
  • Are we handling common objections?
  • Have we included an escape hatch for edge cases?

Remember, your customers have a full-time job and countless other priorities to manage.

The more friction you can remove to complete your onboarding tasks, the less likely you are to get pushed down their list.

Progress builds momentum, and momentum drives successful outcomes.

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