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Hillary Engelman, Customer Success Team Lead, streamlined Involvio's complex customer onboarding process.

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The challenge

Involvio sells multiple products to colleges and universities, so it’s common that they would be onboarding many customers with different processes at any given time. Because there were so many variables with each customer, it was difficult for Hillary and her team to keep track of each customer’s progress.

Hillary’s customer success team was using Trello as a temporary solution to onboard their customers prior to switching to Arrows. Customers often felt confused about what to do next in Trello, so Hillary knew they needed to find a better customer-facing solution, while still giving her the power and control behind the scenes.

The solution

Within a few weeks of using Arrows for Involvio’s onboarding process, Hillary noticed that her customers found it much easier to use than their previous project management tool. With Arrows, Involvio was able to easily display the project goals, key contacts, and anticipated launch date for each customer, which helped keep each project moving forward more quickly.

Hillary also found that Arrows made task and project completion a lot more clear for her customers. She found herself not having to go back to double-check that things were actually completed as she had in the past.

When we started sending Arrows plans to our customers, I immediately noticed a huge difference in how they were interacting with the plan. Previously, customers would get confused about how Trello worked and what they needed to do. Arrows makes it really clear when and how onboarding tasks need to be completed.

What's next

Involvio’s customer success team has noticed such an improvement in their onboarding processes, that they even talk about building Arrows plans for some of their own internal processes! Beyond that, Involvio is always looking for ways to improve and automate their systems to create a better customer experience, so they plan to utilize Arrows to continue to optimize their customer onboarding processes in the future.

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