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RBP Reduced Time-To-Value by Enabling Customers to Make Progress Themselves


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Results with Arrows

Increased onboarding capacity by over 13x and reduced average customer onboarding time by over 98%.

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Service Hub + ticket pipeline for onboarding

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Sequential phases, internal tasks, HubSpot meeting embeds

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Before we found Arrows, we were doing three onboardings a month, and that was a full-time job. Now, we aim to onboard five customers each week. We went from not getting information in a timely manner to getting all the information in a very organized manner. Arrows has completely transformed our process.

The Challenge

As RBP began scaling their business and bringing on more customers, they quickly realized they needed a more efficient process in place to manage new customer onboarding.

Allison and Dave were spending a ton of time and energy tracking down information for each of their new customers; they either weren’t getting things done, or the information that was being sent was being compiled in so many different places that it became overwhelming to manage internally.

I was going to bed stressed every night, just thinking about all of the information I needed to gather and keep track of for all of our new customers.

Allison initially learned about Arrows from another HubSpot Solutions Provider. As soon as she began reading about the different features Arrows offered, she was hopeful and excited to get started.

The Arrows team worked with RBP to design and optimize their first onboarding plan that they rolled out to their customers.

Shareil on the Arrows team was amazing to work with and gave us so much valuable insight into improvements we could make to drive action from our customers.

The Solution

Enabling your customers to enable your internal teams—Allison and Dave at RBP felt like they were constantly trying to find information they needed from their customers, but now that they send Arrows onboarding plans to each customer, they always know where everything lives.

Arrows has also made it easier for their customers to take action on their own, so that they don’t have to spend the time to constantly remind customers to send information.

RBP has customers and employees across different time zones all over the world, so they love that their customers can complete tasks asynchronously on their own time, and then the RBP team can come in and see their progress and take action based on what’s been completed by their customers in Arrows.

They click a button, they go and complete their tasks, and then we can see when they’re done so we know exactly when we can get started with our work.

The result: Reducing time to value and increasing team efficiency

Within the first 30 days of implementing Arrows, RBP was able to significantly reduce their customer’s onboarding time and increase their internal team’s capacity.

We actually got to the point where customers were onboarding themselves more quickly than we were even ready for!

Prior to using Arrows, it took most customers 30-45 days to get onboarded on average. Once RBP started sending Arrows plans, they saw a dramatic decrease, and even had a few customers complete onboarding in less than an hour.

Streamlining the way they received and managed the information they needed to gather from customers during onboarding also improved their internal process, which allowed their team to begin onboarding more customers each month.

RBP went from only having the capacity to onboard 3 customers per month, to now onboarding more than 40 customers per month with Arrows.

It’s actually unbelievable how much of a difference this has made for us and how quickly we were able to get our customers up and running.

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