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After implementing Arrows, we are seeing the time to value decrease significantly, getting more brands to where they want to go faster—a job well done.

The Challenge

Before finding Arrows, Carro’s onboarding process was well-intentioned but a little scattered. The customer team found themselves struggling to remember every step of the process, and had difficulty sharing visibility into customer progress across the team. Beyond that, they knew they had to prepare to scale as the business grew, but were so busy with the day-to-day tasks and getting brands live that it wasn’t something they were able to prioritize.

The Solution

Con knew he had to begin building processes that would enable his team and the company to scale. He had 3 main priorities he thought about when searching for a solution:

  1. Simplicity: Con needed a tool that would both enable his customers to succeed, and also empower his customer success team to help them succeed. That meant finding a solution that felt simple and clear for customers to use, and that was also easy for his team.
  2. Visibility: It was vital that this tool would provide visibility and collaboration between Carro’s internal teams and their customers. Giving customers insight into what comes next in their onboarding journey was a must-have to ensure an exceptional customer experience.
  3. Integrations: Con knew it was a priority to find a customer onboarding tool that integrated with the other tools his team was already using. For Carro, that meant that a native HubSpot integration would be critical.
When I was evaluating tools, I was thinking what product and what platform is going to help enable my customers to succeed and really empower my team to help them succeed. I needed something that worked for both sides and helped hold folks accountable to be transparent and to communicate really effectively.

The Result

Since using Arrows, Carro’s customer success team is now able to more quickly guide their customers through their onboarding journey, ultimately decreasing their overall time to value. Con has found that his customers more clearly understand what comes next, what they need to do to reach results, and most importantly, why completing these tasks will set them up for success.

We’re seeing that the brands who are interacting with our Arrows templates and plans, are succeeding sooner, staying around for longer, and ultimately leaning more into the platform. So really it’s just creating not only a healthier customer but a happier customer.

What's Next

Looking forward, Con is thinking about how to extend Arrows throughout the customer lifecycle. All the ways that their customers are interacting with the Carro platform and team is always top of mind for Con, and he’s excited to use Arrows to make every interaction more scalable, effective, and transparent.

It’s just going to add a lot of necessary structure and help everyone get where they want to be sooner, which crazy great experience for everybody.

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