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With Arrows, our customers were no longer fumbling through emails and different documentation; they had a single source of truth for everything related to implementation, onboarding, and activation.

The Challenge

Before using Arrows, Rheaply was onboarding their customers with Google Sheets and Google Docs. It was a very disconnected and scattered process where there were always multiple pieces that existed in multiple places. They found that their customers were fumbling through emails and different documentation in order to find out what they needed to do next in the process and they just didn’t know where to place their focus.

Rheaply even tested using Asana at one point, but it proved to be too complicated for their customers since it didn’t have a simple and easy-to-use customer-facing interface.

Hardik was really searching for a mutual success plan that allowed their customers to come to one single source of truth for everything related to implementation and onboarding activation.

The Solution

After switching to Arrows, Hardik found that his customers had a much easier time understanding what was needed from them during their onboarding process.

Hardik loves utilizing the automatic weekly digests that get sent to Rheaply’s customers to remind them of the plan progress. The automatic reminders remove that responsibility from a customer success manager’s day to day workflow. Instead of having to follow up with customers continuously, they now have something that’s a little bit more automated which also removes that friction between the customer and the CSMs.

What's Next

Hardik is excited to grow the Customer Success team at Rheaply as they begin to scale the business. Like so many other scaling startups, they’re beginning to hone in on their ideal customer profile.

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