Collaborative customer onboarding for high-touch B2B SaaS

Share a "mutual action plan" with your customers to get on the same page & keep track as they complete your onboarding process. You'll maintain momentum and speed up time to value, which activates your best customers quickly and reduces churn at the source.

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Onboarding used to be a pain

Arrows is purpose-built to help your team handle high-touch onboarding. It solves all the common problems customer success teams encounter.

The old way

Let us guess: your team has a list of tasks that need to be completed as part of an onboarding. And it's a big pain to share that list with a customer and keep it up to date, right?

Does your team currently use:

  • Manual emails?

  • Spreadsheets?

  • Google Docs?

  • Static PDFs?

  • Trello boards?

  • Other tedious processes...

The Arrows way

Take all those spreadsheets and emails and Trellos... and get rid of them. Arrows takes all the tedious work out of managing your high-touch onboardings.

What if you could:

  • See everything in one place

  • Automate task reminders

  • Create a consistent process for all your CSMs

  • Know what every customer's done so far

  • Set due dates to maintain momentum

  • Track time-to-value across all your customers

Mutual Action Plans

A shared source of truth for you and your customers

A Mutual Action Plan (MAP): you know where customers are at, and customers know what they have to do. No more searching emails, scouring spreadsheets, digging through Dropbox, and double checking with teammates. With Arrows you have one page where each customer's onboarding lives.

The Dashboard

Get the full context of all your customers

How many accounts are close to finishing their onboarding? Who's been stuck on a step for a while? How many onboardings are even happening right now? The Arrows dashboard answers all of these questions. Get high level visibility across your accounts, and your organization.

Email Reminders

Maintain momentum to get your customers to value fast

Sending reminder emails is effective. But knowing who to email, when to email them, and what to say is time consuming and annoying. Arrows will email customers when tasks are due or overdue. They'll also get an email on Monday letting them know what's on their plate that week. Let Arrows be persistent for you.

Easy-to-use Templates

Lightning quick for your team to kick-off any customer

Have different customer segments? Different products? Arrows templates make creating a custom MAP a cinch. Enter a customer's name, pick the right template, and you're ready to onboard in seconds.

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Arrows is a shared action plan for your customers’ tasks and goals.

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