Because your high-touch customers shouldn't be onboarded by a

Arrows is a customer onboarding checklist. Send every customer a personalized onboarding plan, with automated email reminders, due dates, assigned tasks, and a lot more.

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Keep everyone aligned on the next steps

One of the hardest things about onboarding is getting everybody on the same page. Using Arrows, you can get "mutual buy-in" from your customers to build trust throughout the onboarding process.

Plus, with due dates and automated email reminders, they'll always know what should be done next. Arrows is the place for you to collaborate, strategize, and coordinate together.

Make sure your customers never send an email asking “Where are we on this?” ever again.

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Every customer is different...

So why are you giving them the same onboarding plan? With Arrows, personalizing onboarding for your customers is a cinch. Start with a template, so your team never misses important steps. Then customize your plan for each customer, so you can get mutual buy-in on a plan perfectly structured for their goals and timeline.

“Arrows has reduced my post-meeting work with a new customer from a 15 minute set of activities down to 5. When I'm having 30 of those meetings a month, that's a net savings of around 5+ hours of time.”

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No technical setup or integration required

Upgrade that dusty spreadsheet and onboarding process you no longer love. Onboard your next customer with Arrows.


Gather your existing onboarding checklists & documents

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Copy & paste the steps into an Arrows template

An Arrows template
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Invite your next customer during their onboarding process

Inviting your customers

“The Arrows dashboard is a game changer. I'm trying to figure out where nine customers are at any given time, which used to be a ton of manual work. But with Arrows, I just feel more effective. We've started talking about creating Arrows workflows for everything—it just makes our lives easier!”

Hillary Engelman
Hillary Engelman
Senior Customer Success Manager, Involvio

We don't care what you call it...

Honestly, people use a bunch of different names for what Arrows does and they all basically mean the same thing.

But we think the only thing that matters is helping your success team be awesome at onboarding, so they can help your customers be awesome too.

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Implementation plan
Onboarding plan
Mutual action plan

Not ready yet?

Don't worry, we totally understand! It's a big decision to try a new product and sometimes you're just not ready. We'll still be here when you are.

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