How To Encourage More Investment In Onboarding

Stuart Balcombe

February 10, 2023

2 minutes

Let’s face it, your boss doesn’t care about onboarding 🫣

But they do really care about the resulting business outcomes:

→ Churn
→ Retention
→ Time-to-live revenue
→ Customer satisfaction
→ Ability to scale

90% of customers think companies could "do better" when it comes to onboarding.

To build the case for investing in onboarding processes + tooling we need to go beyond our own day-to-day...

...and consider the business impact and risk of fighting the fires of failed onboarding in the future.

Typically we see teams struggling with:

→ a lack of visibility & data
→ revenue stuck in the sales handoff
→ burnout, because of manual work that won't scale
→ getting customers to take action and reduce time-to-value

For the business, this means that:

→ Onboarding teams need to expand linearly with growth
→ Booked revenue doesn't turn into live revenue
→ Customers are less likely to renew and can't expand

Do you feel equipped to make the case for onboarding investment in your role today?

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