Why Your Dashboard Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

Stuart Balcombe

February 10, 2023

1 minute

Customer success is defined by the customer.

Internal metrics of product usage and customer satisfaction might be easier to report in a dashboard, but they're only a proxy for customer success.

The outcomes customers want to reach exist outside the bounds of our products.

Customer success starts with one thing: understanding those desired outcomes.

To create a success plan aligned with your customer desired outcomes, start at the end.

1. Explicitly discover and document the desired outcomes customers want to reach in a shared place.

2. Frame everything you do in the context of the desired outcomes the customer defined.

3. Revisit and update the roadmap for reaching those outcomes in every interaction.

Starting at the end with your customer's desired outcomes will always make your customers more successful than starting with your process and hoping it lines up with why customers signed up.

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