How To Audit Your Onboarding Experience

Stuart Balcombe

January 27, 2023

1 minute

Every new deal that closes or customer that signs up gives you a chance to test your onboarding experience. Auditing your own experience is a great way to identify areas to improve.

Try this. Ask yourself, when a new deal closes do we:

  • Understand and document customers' goals for signing up
  • Lay out a shared onboarding plan to ensure they are successful
  • Send a personalized welcome video from their onboarding rep
  • Verify that all information required for onboarding is in the CRM
  • Get the sales & onboarding reps to meet up and share context
  • Assign an onboarding rep immediately
  • Share the first thing the customer needs to do
  • Set expectations about how long onboarding will take
  • Ensure your champion loops in their team members for onboarding
  • Automate predictable and repetitive steps in the handoff process
  • Notify sales & onboarding team managers of the new customer

How did you do? What other checks would you add?

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