How To Prevent Missing Data Derailing Your Onboarding Process

Stop scrambling to keep your process running smoothly and do this instead: Define your process with a pipeline + properties in HubSpot.

Stuart Balcombe

January 14, 2023

1 minute

Stop scrambling to keep your process running smoothly and do this instead:

Define your process with a pipeline + properties in HubSpot.

Pipelines: Lay out each phase of the customer’s journey through onboarding. Some example phases could include:

  • Ready for Onboarding
  • Customer Kickoff
  • Account Setup
  • Launch
  • Onboarding Complete

Properties: Define the data that is needed to move through each phase. Example properties could be:

  • Customer Success Metrics (Open response)
  • Account Access Verified (Checkbox)
  • Joined Shared Slack (Checkbox)
  • Migration Template Uploaded (File URL)
  • Review Call Scheduled (Checkbox)

Once you have your pipeline and properties defined you’ll want to do 2 things to make your team's life easier and add guardrails around your process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks:

  1. Guardrails: Add required properties to each stage of your onboarding pipeline.Required Properties will prevent a customer being moved to the next phase of their onboarding experience before it is validated that all the required information has been updated.
  2. Playbooks: Create a playbook for each stage of your onboarding process Playbooks will both provide documentation for what your team needs to do during onboarding to best support customers (documentation for the win) but also provide an easy way to ensure the correct properties are being updated as the process is completed.

Clearly defining your onboarding process in HubSpot is a powerful way to make your team more efficient, prevent things falling through the cracks that impact customers, and ultimately get your customers to value faster.

The one downside of this approach? Your customers don’t have visibility into where they are in your process, or the ability to complete required steps on their own. That’s where a customer-facing Arrows plan attached to your HubSpot pipeline comes in.

But for now, remember:
Pipelines + Properties = Increased Onboarding Efficiency

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