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Automatically transfer Arrows plans between HubSpot objects

Kim Hacker

September 26, 2023

2 minutes

We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature that streamlines your workflow automation: the Transfer Arrows plan workflow action in HubSpot.

This new functionality allows you to effortlessly transfer an Arrows onboarding plan from one record to another, optimizing your customer lifecycle management and boosting efficiency.

The Transfer Arrows plan workflow action is designed to seamlessly move an Arrows onboarding plan from its initial stage in the customer lifecycle (e.g., a sales deal) to the next stage (e.g., an onboarding deal). This automation is particularly useful when you want to maintain continuity and consistency across different phases of your customer journey.

To utilize this feature, you'll need to set up two workflows:

  1. Copying the Arrows Plan URL: In the first workflow, you'll configure HubSpot to copy the Arrows Plan URL from the source record to the new record. This step ensures that the necessary information is transferred accurately.
  2. Transferring the Arrows Plan: The second workflow comes into play once the new record is created and added to the subsequent pipeline stage. This workflow triggers the actual transfer of the Arrows plan from the original record to the new one, ensuring a smooth transition.

For step-by-step guide, read our knowledge base article: Automatically transfer an Arrows plan between HubSpot objects

Say goodbye to manual transfers and hello to streamlined workflow automation with Arrows.

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