Automatically escalate "at risk" accounts in HubSpot

Steal this HubSpot workflow to nudge customers that are falling behind and notify your team to reach out

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Automatically escalate "at risk" accounts in HubSpot
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By applying some simple logic to your customer data in HubSpot, we can proactively loop in the right person at the right time to engage customers.

Here’s how it works:

1. Trigger the workflow based on the threshold “at risk” you have determined.

In this example when a customers onboarding plan has overdue tasks.

  • This is a great use case for the “Today’s Date” workflow - create a calculated property of “Activity Date” minus “Today’s Date” and then check if it’s greater than a specific number of days in this workflow. eg Days since last contacted > 5

2. Send an automated email to the customer using a template that includes details of how to complete the overdue task(s).

3. Create a task and assign it to the record owner.

Having a manual task allows us to assess the context of the account and take an appropriate next step such as:

  • Enrolling contacts in a sequence
  • Escalating the account to another team
  • Making a phone call to drive action

4. Finally, send a message in Slack to increase visibility for the rest of your team into what’s happening with this account.

🌟 Don’t forget to turn re-enrollment on in case accounts meet your “at-risk” criteria multiple times.

Everybody says they want to be more proactive in how they engage their customers.

If you can use your data in HubSpot and apply some simple logic to trigger your engagement, you’ll be able to identify patterns in when your thresholds start to get reached and create a more effective experience for your customers.

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