Create a “Today’s Date” property for time-based reporting

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Create a “Today’s Date” property for time-based reporting
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We’ll create 2 properties and 2 workflows to workaround a tricky HubSpot limitation so you can use Today’s date in reporting and calculated properties. Eg. Days until renewal.

🚨 Why are we creating 2 workflows?

To keep our Today’s Date property up to date, we need to run the workflow on the same object at least once a day…


HubSpot now prevents us from enrolling a company in a workflow from within the same workflow.

PS you can bypass this setup entirely by using Tick Tock Today, a HubSpot app. If you're not ready for that quite yet, you'll want to follow these steps.

Here’s how our solution works:


Create 2 company properties:

  • Today’s Date - Date picker
  • Today’s Date Updated - Single Checkbox

1. Create our first workflow triggered when:

→ Today’s Date Updated is None

→ Today’s Date Updated is Unknown

  • Turn on re-enrollment for the trigger

2. Set a delay for a set amount of time

→ This could be anything from 1 minute to 12 hours.

3. Set the property value of “Today’s Date” to the time of the workflow

4. Set the property value of “Today’s Date Updated” to “YES”

→ We’ll use this as the trigger in workflow 2.

5. Copy the newly updated “Today’s Date” value to all associated Deals, Tickets, or Quotes

→ You’ll need to add a corresponding “Today’s Date” property to each object you want to copy to but this way you don’t need additional workflows.

6. Clone your new workflow and make a few tweaks:

→ Update the 2nd workflow to be triggered when “Today’s Date Updated” is equal to “Yes”

→ Update step 4 above to set the value of “Today’s Date Updated” to “NO” in the 2nd workflow

And we’re all done. Our property will be updated at the interval we set with the current date in our accounts default timezone.

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