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Automatically create Arrows plans via HubSpot workflow

Kim Hacker

May 31, 2022

2 minutes

HubSpot users can now set up a workflow action that automatically creates an Arrows onboarding plan based on specific triggers and criteria!

No more manual creation from deals or tickets—this automation opens up a world of possibilities for tailored onboarding experiences.

Key benefits:

🔄 Streamlined Workflow

Automate the creation of onboarding plans based on your specific customer segments and triggers within HubSpot.

🛠️ Customization

Tailor each onboarding template to meet the unique needs of each customer type, ensuring a more personalized customer journey every time.

⏱️ Efficiency

Save time and resources by automating Arrows plan creation, allowing your team to focus on delivering exceptional onboarding experiences.

How it works:

Automatically creating Arrows onboarding plans with HubSpot workflows is simple:

Configure your workflow enrollment triggers - we often see this workflow starting when a sales deal is moved to closed won, but you can customize your trigger based on your own onboarding process.

Add the "Create Arrows plan" workflow action (Select the appropriate action depending on whether you're using deals, tickets, or custom objects for onboarding):

Choose which Arrows template you'd like to use and then select whether you'd like to add associated HubSpot contacts as participants and if you'd like to automatically invite participants to the plan upon creation.

💡 Pro tip: be sure to customize the invite email that gets sent to plan participants too!

Once the workflow trigger is activated, an onboarding plan will be created automatically, ready for your team to personalize and execute. 🥳

🌟 Bonus: Steal these HubSpot workflows that use the Arrows "Create plan" workflow action:
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