Automate your internal onboarding kickoff process

Steal this HubSpot workflow to automate the process of getting your new customer's onboarding process successfully kicked off internally

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Automate your internal onboarding kickoff process
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Steal this cheat sheet to run CS in HubSpot

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The faster you engage customers after a deal closes, the faster they can make progress and build momentum.


The faster customers make progress, the less likely they are to disengage and ultimately churn before realizing the value of your product.

Defining your handoff process in an automated workflow ensures the required handoffs happen repeatably, without things falling through the cracks, and without delaying your time to engagement no matter when a deal is closed.

Here’s how it works:


Create a new onboarding deal or ticket when a deal moves to closed-won in the sales pipeline.

1. Trigger the workflow when a new deal or ticket moves to the stage “Ready for Onboarding” in our onboarding pipeline

2. Use an IF/THEN branch to create different experiences for your different customer types

In this example, we're creating two different onboarding experiences based on a “Customer Segment” property populated during the sales process

Here are a few examples of different customer onboarding experiences you may want to create:

  • Enterprise vs SMB
  • Proof of concept vs Full roll out
  • Product A vs Product B

3. For each customer segment, assign an owner to the new onboarding ticket using a “Rotate record to owner” workflow action

If you have multiple people or teams who work with different types of customers during onboarding use your branching logic to route them to the right team.

4. For both customer segments in this example, we'll create a customer-facing Arrows action plan to set clear expectations about the work to be done and ensure everyone on both our internal team and the customer's team knows what to do next

Note: we're using a different Arrows template for each customer segment in this example

5. Copy the URL we’ll use to share the plan with our customer to a HubSpot property so we can immediately use it in future workflow steps

6. Send a welcome email to the customer from their onboarding point of contact based on a template

7. Create internal prep tasks in a task queue for the onboarding team

8. Catch any deals that are missing information and create a task to escalate them appropriately

A GREAT handoff builds on customer’s excitement, but BAD handoffs kill it quickly. If you create a clear process that removes the tedious tasks, you’ll remove unnecessary delays and help customers build momentum in their journey.

Steal this cheat sheet for running customer success in HubSpot

Not sure where to start? Download the 7 playbooks you need to scale across the customer journey.

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