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Navigation Redesign: Discover the Hidden Power of Arrows

We’ve redesigned how teams navigate Arrows to make it possible to find + access all the powerful tools you need in your onboarding plans with just one click ⚡️

Stuart Balcombe

March 11, 2024

2 minutes

Arrows has always created an intuitive experience for your customers that guides them toward their goals during onboarding.

But as onboarding teams scale to support more customers the need to streamline internal workflows and processes grows.

That’s why we’ve redesigned how teams navigate Arrows to make it possible to find + access all the powerful tools you need in your onboarding plans with just one click ⚡️

What does the navigation redesign look like in Arrows?

With this update, we’ve moved the previously crowded top bar navigation menu to a much more accessible sidebar.

This means when working on an onboarding plan for a customer you can quickly access:

  • Plan Activity - Quick insights into plan engagement for plan views, task completions, form submissions, email activity and more.
  • Connected HubSpot objects - Access the data enriching your onboarding records in HubSpot deals, tickets, or custom objects.
  • Customization Settings - Modify the dates, language, and branding along with optional features like comments, participant controls, and sequential phases.
  • Invitation Emails - Customize the emails new plan participants receive, without leaving the plan.
  • Plan Roles - Assign custom roles to plan participants and automate task assignments.
  • Dynamic Text - Access all the variables that can be added to your plan and dynamically filled with HubSpot data.

Arrows plans have had many of these powerful features for a while, but they were hidden behind layers of menus. Now it's all just a click or two away.

We’ve also brought the new sidebar navigation to your internal dashboard so your team can access all their plans, templates, and settings more easily.

What seems like a simple UI change, has already proven to have a huge impact on daily efficiency for Arrows customers.

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Our goal is always to empower your team to focus on what really matters – guiding your customers to success.

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