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Streamlined Onboarding Template Management

We’ve redesigned how plan templates are managed inside Arrows to make it easier to keep track of which templates are in use, need updates, or are used for specific purposes 📂

Stuart Balcombe

April 17, 2024

2 minutes

Arrows plan templates have always provided a helpful way to define and operationalize the onboarding experience being delivered to customers.

But as onboarding teams scale to support a wider range of onboarding processes across regions, products, and customer segments the need to clearly organize those templates grows.

That’s why we’ve completely redesigned how plan templates are managed inside Arrows to make it easier to keep track of which templates are in use, need updates, or are designed for specific purposes.

  • Templates can now be created as Drafts. Perfect for providing a safe space to iterate and improve your process without the fear of an incomplete template being used with customers.
  • Organize templates with groups. Choose to group by status, language, or category for improved visibility on the purpose of each template.
  • Creating and duplicating templates is now easier than ever. Choose starting point, your template language, and categories in a simplified flow.
  • Identify templates used in automation. From the list view you can now see if plans have been created from a template using a HubSpot workflow.

The design of the templates page in Arrows has also been refreshed to provide more information at a glance, reducing the time needed to understand the current state and usage of specific templates.

Template Categories

It’s also now possible to use custom categories to organize templates created for a specific purpose to distinguish them from others.

Template categories can be labelled and identified with an emoji for visual clarity. For example:

  • Partner vs customer onboarding
  • Enterprise vs SMB customers
  • Product A vs product B

At Arrows we're obsessed with providing onboarding tools that are both powerful and easy to use for customers and onboarding teams alike.

Discover the powerful features of Arrows onboarding plans for yourself by creating a free Arrows account or booking a demo with the Arrows team.

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