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Bulk copy new task updates to active Arrows plans

Kim Hacker

September 12, 2023

2 minutes

At Arrows, we like to say that onboarding never ends (we even own the domain 😉). It reflects our belief that you should always be monitoring your onboarding process and looking for opportunities to make it better.

💡 Not sure where to start looking for those improvements? Check out Template Insights in Arrows.

Once you make those necessary updates to your process in your Arrows templates, you can now easily publish those changes to all your active onboarding plans.

🔄 Update tasks across all active plans

So let's say you've got some new customers that just started onboarding, and you want to add a new help center article to one of your existing Arrows tasks in order to make it easier for your customers to complete.

All you have to do is make the edit to the task inside your Arrows template, and click Manage task copies.

Next, select the option to publish the task to all active plans, and you're all set.

Now all active plans that are based on that template will be updated with the changes you just made.

🆕 New task? No problem.

This time, instead of updating an existing task, maybe you want to add a completely new task to all plans.

First, go into your Arrows template and create the new task.

Now, you'll still click on Manage task copies while editing the task, but this time, you can choose to create the new task in all active plans.

This update is all about making onboarding a seamless, ever-improving process. With Arrows, onboarding truly never ends – and now, it's easier than ever to keep your process fresh and effective for every customer.

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