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A fresh UI: reimagined customer action plans

Shareil Nariman

August 17, 2022

2 minutes

With your customers in mind, we launched a fully redesigned interface for Arrows action plans.

The reimagined look and feel ensures your customers know exactly what to do next, with a focused task view to get it done.

Improving the customer-facing experience is one of our core beliefs, and this new interface aims to do just that.

Each step now expands to take over the full page (and can be linked to directly), so your customers can stay focused on completing what’s next.

To help ensure your customers take action, they are now presented with quick options to complete the task, assign it to a colleague, or ask your team for help.

And, when customers take action towards their goals, each completed step is met with a moment of celebration… both to recognize the progress and encourage the momentum.

There’s much, much more... from custom branding to easier, more streamlined plan editing, and even a welcome card for you to introduce your plan to your customers.

Plus you’ll notice Arrows now runs a whole lot faster so you can expect less loading and more action!

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