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Instant updates: Slack notifications for plan activity

Shareil Nariman

September 6, 2022

1 minute

You don’t have the time to constantly check if your customers are taking action in the onboarding plans you’ve sent them, especially while juggling multiple customers through the process.

Now, you and your team can get notified about the most important activities on your plans right inside of a Slack channel!

These notifications will alert you when a new plan is created, when a task or phase is completed, or if a customer leaves you a comment within a task.

This quick peak lets you choose if you need to step in or if all is smooth sailing. And if you do need to step in, you can get directly to that specific plan or task by clicking the respective link in Slack!

With all that precious time back on your hands, you can keep supporting the customers that need your help and feel a sense of relief for those that are chugging along.

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