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Optional tasks

Shareil Nariman

April 25, 2023

1 minute

All of your onboarding tasks are important and most are required to finish your process.

But every now and then, you have a task or two that are optional in the grand-scheme of your process… something like “watch this video” or “order this super awesome t-shirt”.

We want our customers to know about these tasks, BUT, we also want them focused on tasks that are actually required to help them reach their goals.

Now, tasks in your Arrows plans can be set as optional to communicate to your customers exactly that.

When a customer reaches that task in your plans, they will see an Optional tag right below the task name and a new Skip button to allow them to do so.

If they complete the task and mark it done, great you know it’s done.

If they view the task and choose to skip it, great you know they are onto the next task at hand.

And if a task gets skipped enough times… you gain some insightful data for the next iteration of your onboarding template!

Click here for setup instructions

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