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Gain insight into your onboarding template performance

Kim Hacker

October 10, 2023

3 minutes

One of the biggest challenges we've seen onboarding teams face is not knowing where their customers are getting stuck.

That's why we're excited to announce the launch of Template Insights, a game-changing feature that gives you the data you need to optimize your onboarding process quickly and effectively.

🙋Get answers to the questions you (and your boss) are asking:

How are my onboarding plans performing over time?

Tracking plan performance over time provides insights into the effectiveness of your onboarding process, helping you identify trends and measure improvements.

How long is each plan taking?

Knowing the duration of each plan helps you manage resources, set realistic expectations, and identify areas for streamlining the onboarding process.

Is momentum being built from the start?

Monitoring momentum from the start of each plan indicates early customer engagement levels, ensuring a strong beginning for successful onboarding.

🌟 Pro tip: make the first task in your Arrows plan something that's quick and simple for your customer to complete. This will make it easier to build early momentum for those more lengthy tasks that come later.

Which phases are taking the longest to complete?

Identifying lengthy phases pinpoints potential bottlenecks, allowing you to focus on optimizing specific stages and improving efficiency.

Where are customers getting stuck?

Understanding where customers encounter difficulties helps you know where to refine your plans and templates for a smoother onboarding experience.

Are customers being enabled to make progress?

If most of your tasks are assigned to your internal team, there might be an opportunity to create a few more customer-facing tasks. Sending a mutual action plan is all about enabling your customers, so don't be shy about giving them some tasks to complete along the way!

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