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Sequential phases: show the right tasks at the right time

Shareil Nariman

September 22, 2022

2 minutes

Does your marketing site boast that your product is “easy to set up” and “fast to deploy”?

Does your sales team promise your prospects that “onboarding is a breeze”?

And then your customers come to find out there are actually tons of tasks, multiple calls, and a few weeks worth of work to get going?

Don’t shy away from the fact that your onboarding process might be complex and detailed.

Instead, turn on Sequential phases in your Arrows plans to prevent customers from being overwhelmed and keep them focused on the tasks they need to complete today.

That’s not to say the other tasks aren’t important… they are.

They just don’t need to be done this very second.

Sequential phases allow you to expose one set of tasks at a time, while hinting to your customers there is more to come.

When they complete all the tasks within a phase, the next phase becomes automatically available!

You have the option to show your customers the entire plan during your kickoff call, but keep them focused on the most urgent tasks when they are off on their own.

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