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Automatically complete Arrows tasks based on HubSpot properties

Shareil Nariman

July 3, 2023

1 minute

You and your teams already have enough tasks on your plate, the last thing you need is to add duplicate work.

You can now automatically mark tasks as done on your customer’s plans when you update the respective record in HubSpot for that customer!

This means your customer always has a sense of what tasks are done and what’s left for them to complete.

And you don’t have to worry about updating the same information in multiple places.

Let’s look at a basic example…

Here is a customer-facing task to Pay your invoice. The directions let the participant know to check their email and sign their quote.

In HubSpot, we track if the invoice is paid using a property called Invoice status, with the options being “Paid” or “Unpaid”

In Arrows, we’ve set the above task to automatically be marked as done when the property in HubSpot equals “Paid”

Here we can see the Invoice status is not set to anything yet, so the task is still active on the Arrows plan.

Once the Invoice status is set to “Paid” the Arrows plan reflects that the task is completed!

You can add different combinations and conditions to the autocomplete setup, giving you the power to do your job in one place while making sure your customer facing plans are always as current as can be!

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