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Conditional task visibility: show or hide Arrows tasks based on HubSpot property values

Shareil Nariman

July 5, 2023

2 minutes

Every task you put in front of a customer should be a task that’s relevant to them. It’s also important for your team to spend as little time as possible manually editing plans to personalize them for customers.

That’s exactly why you can set tasks in your Arrows plan to be conditionally shown or hidden based on the information you keep in HubSpot.

You may want to hide a meeting scheduling task until a customer reaches a certain stage in your pipeline. Or, you may want to only show tasks for your advanced features to your top-paying customers.

The combinations and possibilities are endless. But what’s certain is this will help you save time, while your customers have a plan that’s automatically curated for their personalized experience.

Let’s look at an conditional task for a customer who only needs to complete a specific IF they are using a certain integration.

In this example, the customer only needs to complete this task if they are using HubSpot as their CRM.

In this Getting Started phase, we have a task for Authenticate your HubSpot integration.

When editing this task, Conditional visibility is turned on to hide the task by default and show it when our conditions are met…

You can set the visibility conditions to reference a property in HubSpot on the record associated with the plan and then choose the conditions to look for.

Here we are referencing the property called CRM on our Deal record…

And, when the CRM property equals HubSpot, we want to show that task to our plan participants

This task will be hidden when the CRM property does not equal “HubSpot”

… and the task is automatically visible once the CRM property is updated to equal “HubSpot”

You can now help your customers stay focused on the tasks that matter for them without spending hours doing the manual work.

Start adjusting your tasks settings to conditionally show or hide based on what your customers should or shouldn’t be doing during onboarding!

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