Automatically move customers through your onboarding pipeline in HubSpot

Steal this workflow to automatically update your pipeline stage based on customer activity.

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Automatically move customers through your onboarding pipeline in HubSpot
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When you have clear definition of when customers should enter and exit each stage in your pipeline, you can save your team a whole lot of manual CRM management with this workflow.

In this example, we're updating the pipeline our internal team uses to manage onboarding with real-time data from the collaborative action plan the customer is working on (Arrows).

Here’s how it works:


Set up a data sync from Arrows to HubSpot using the Arrows Current Phase property.


1. Trigger the deal or ticket based workflow when the Arrows Current Phase property is known

2. Create an IF/THEN branch for each phase in your Arrows onboarding plan

3. For each conditional branch, set the property value of the pipeline stage equal to the branch selected

Optionally: Add additional steps that need to happen when a customer enters a specific stage of the pipeline. For example:

  • Creating a new deal in our sales pipeline when a customer is ready to upgrade.
  • Assigning an owner to the deal
  • Sending a Slack notification to our sales team

Using data to drive your HubSpot pipeline movements helps ensure consistency and provides the opportunity to trigger further workflows to improve the experience for your team and your customers.

Use this template in Arrows

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