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Catch Up: An interactive home page to manage your onboarding plans

Shareil Nariman

June 30, 2023

2 minutes

Your goal is to give your customers a great onboarding experience, and ours is to enable you along the way!

The updated Home page in Arrows is designed to give you visibility into your onboarding plans and to help you catch up on the actions you need to take, all from one place.

The Highlights…

  1. ⭐️ The all-new Catch Up section – You’ll never miss activity (or lack thereof) in your plans again. You’ll be alerted when there are new comments, overdue tasks, plans without progress, and much more.
  2. 💪 Take action – You’ll have the power at your fingertips to keep plan momentum going, without needing to open the plan itself!
  3. 💌 Nudge your customers – Life happens and customers get stuck, but now you can quickly send a reminder to get things back on track and keep the ball rolling!
  4. Keep the plan status updated – You’ll be able to quickly mark tasks done or change the plan status, ensuring you and your customers (and your data) are on the same page.
  5. 💤 Remind yourself later – If you’re not worried about the notification that very second, you can snooze it for your future self… you’re the boss around here.
  6. 👀 Peek into customer activity – You’ll see an overview of the progress and activity on your plans, so you can decide where to prioritize your valuable time.

Catch Up Notifications appear when there is important activity on your plans (form uploads, new comments, file uploads, etc.) and you can take an action directly from the notification itself, saving you time and energy.

In this example, the notification is to let you know there are tasks overdue. You can change the due date, mark the task as complete, or send a Nudge (comment) to your customer directly from here to clear the notification out!

From this view, you can also get a sneak peak into recent activity on the plan.

And, a quick view into the plan progress!

Whether you take immediate action or snooze notifications for your future self to worry about, you can do so from one place to ensure your customers keep progressing through your plans!

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