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Little Big Things: Fewer Clicks, More Progress

Discover the big impact changes shipped recently that are making it easier to deliver engaging onboarding experiences.

Stuart Balcombe

March 19, 2024

2 minutes

The start of the year has been full of updates from the Arrows product team.

Alongside big new updates for onboarding-plan localization and refreshed navigation we’ve also shipped many smaller changes and features to streamline our customer’s internal workflows and help them spend time focused on their customers.

Let’s jump in 👇

🎨 Redesigned task checklist editor

It’s now easier than ever to add the detail you need to task checklists with the addition of links, images, and text formatting.

🔔 Slack notifications for file uploads

Now, the moment a file is uploaded to a file request task in Arrows you'll be notified! No more manually checking the plan to check if new files have been uploaded.

Slack notifications for file uploads

🏗 Duplicate/delete from task view

Fewer clicks, more progress. Plan managers now have the ability to delete or duplicate tasks directly within the task itself without navigating back to the overview.

✍️ Native support for Adobe Sign signatures

Arrows now recognizes when Adobe Sign documents are signed and automatically completes the task.

🧩 Handle merged deals and tickets

Previously when deals or tickets were merged in HubSpot, things would get…funky. We now handle merging and notify you of any adjustments you might need to make in Arrows. Merge away!

📋 Copy participant email addresses from the share panel

Effective collaboration requires great communication, and it’s now super easy to quickly grab participant email addresses when you need them!

Automatically mark plans complete

No more “oops I forgot to change the plan status”—plans can now automatically be marked complete when all the tasks are complete, improving the accuracy of your template insights, and helping you focus on the work at hand.

Our goal, as always, is to make it easier for your team to deliver an engaging onboarding experience that helps your customers get from signed up to successful.

Discover how Arrows onboarding plans could enable your team by creating a free Arrows account or booking a demo with the Arrows team.

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