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Bridging Worlds with Words: Localized Onboarding in Arrows 🌎

Customer-facing localization in Arrows is the fastest way to display onboarding plan details in Spanish, German, French, or Portuguese without any manual translation 🎉

Stuart Balcombe

March 4, 2024

2 minutes

With customer-facing localization, Arrows onboarding plans and templates can now be quickly customized to display plan elements in Spanish, German, French, or Portuguese without any manual translation 🎉

Onboard Customers in Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese

Our goal with this launch is not just to make life easier for the 36% of Arrows customers residing outside the U.S or navigating their day-to-day work in languages other than English, but most importantly their customers being onboarded.

What does localization look like in Arrows?

With this update, translation of customer-facing elements is available out of the box on every Arrows plan, ensuring the experience you provide meets customers with what they need, in the language they need it, when you are trying to make a great first impression.

You can now expect to see any customer-facing plan elements you cannot edit directly translated to the language of your choice.

Changes to the customer-facing language for a plan can be edited in both template and plan level settings ensuring you are always ready to give customers the experience they need.

Last year we released enterprise-grade security and privacy focused features to make it possible for more companies and their customers to use Arrows. The addition of localization is just another step to making a more engaging onboarding experience accessible to everyone.

What’s next for localization in Arrows?

We believe effective collaboration with customers during onboarding is a critical driver of retention and expansion, which is why we’re committed to making it possible for every company using HubSpot to be successful with Arrows – whichever language their customers speak.

Our team will continue to add support for languages as fast as our customers need them, so you can stay focused on collaborating with your customers not translating your plans. We want to know which other languages are important to you and your customers so please email with any new requests.

Multi-language support for customer-facing elements in Arrows makes it easier than ever to support customers across the globe. Sign up to give it a try, or talk to sales for a personalized demo.

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