Onboarding Insights

Quickly understand how your customer onboarding is really performing. Uncover valuable insights about specific tasks & customer segments. On-demand.

Learn how to uncover insights from your customer onboarding process

Daniel Zarick
Daniel Zarick
CEO / Co-Founder

Arrows in
60 seconds.

Get answers to the onboarding questions you (+ your boss) are asking:

Make your onboarding more effective by iterating based on real data.

How are plans performing over time?

How long is each plan taking?

Is momentum being built from the start?

Which phases are taking the longest to complete?

Where are customers getting stuck?

Are customers being enabled to make progress?

We just did our first Arrows onboarding and we got every answer in 4 hours! It used to take weeks. And yes, you can quote me. I am loving Arrows!

Drew Finkel

Sales Manager at Genda

It’s actually unbelievable how much of a difference this has made for us and how quickly we were able to get our customers up and running.

Allison Howe


Your team should be spending their time helping customers. Not manually pulling data for a report.

Uncover insights about what's really holding up customers. On-demand.

Loved by teams running on HubSpot

Arrows is built to help you scale on the platform where you already work.

"With Arrows, we rebuilt our customer onboarding processes and immediately reduced average onboarding time by more than half, while also increasing our annual retention by 23%.”

Matthew Waters

Sales Lead at humanpredications

"Visibility into how far along our customers are making it in their onboarding and the ease of piping info directly into properties in HubSpot has streamlined our onboarding process and made it easier on our team!"

John Lafirira

Director of Customer Success at Jumbo

"Ever thought "I wish one tool could consolidate the multiple tools I use right now into one."? Look no further if you onboard or manage any form of customer lifecycle or journey. Consolidate all data silo tools you currently have to just HubSpot + Arrows.”

Anthony Bendas

COO at Level Effect

"We've tried lots of onboarding tools - from Google Docs to other dedicated platforms like (but sooo unlike) Arrows - and always end up abandoning them. Using this plugin to tie Arrows into our deal and onboarding workflows in HubSpot makes it that much easier to standardize processes that we know get results.”

Andrew Rohman

Head of Customer Success at Knapsack

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