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Seamless Onboarding Experiences: Upgraded Arrows Forms

Upgraded forms in Arrows are the most effective way to collect information and files during onboarding without a disjointed customer experience or disconnected data.

Stuart Balcombe

May 14, 2024

3 minutes

Upgraded forms in Arrows are the most effective way to collect critical customer information and files during onboarding in a single seamless experience.

Because let's face it...your onboarding process probably needs more than just one form submission to get customers where they want to go.

If you've been using individual form solutions like HubSpot forms or Typeform, I'm betting you've felt the pain of a disjointed customer experience and disconnected submission data.

With Arrows forms, you can…

Get customers sharing information quickly. Make filling out the critical information you need for successful onboarding feel effortless by long email checklists and attachments with one step at a time.

Connect your forms in a seamless experience. Add smarter forms as steps in your onboarding journey. Show the right fields to each customer and move them right onto the next step when they hit submit.

Access form data when you need it. Send new form submissions directly to properties on the connected Deal, Ticket, or Custom Object in HubSpot and quickly access file uploads as attachments. Trigger custom HubSpot workflows, or report on what data is missing.

Now, the forms you use for onboarding can connect to your existing workflow in one place AND improve the information collection experience for your new customers. Arrows forms have been upgraded with more flexibility to support the specific experience you want to provide.

  • 🆕 Dynamic branching on form fields. Choose to include or exclude a specific field in your form based on a previous form submission or a property value from the connected HubSpot record.

  • 🆕 Form field placeholders & descriptions. Provide context about the information you need to avoid extra questions and delays.

  • 🆕 Required form inputs. Avoid missing answers when you require the information to continue with a successful onboarding experience.

  • 🆕 Export form submissions and file uploads. Conveniently access all information collected from customers to verify and export all in one place.

  • 🆕 Improved form field editing. You’ll now see a condensed version of each field allowing more of your form to be visible by default with easy access to settings and advanced options.

  • 🆕 Automatically mark onboarding tasks done on form submission. Help customers build momentum and progress is reflected accurately in HubSpot with each submission.

Integrating Arrows with HubSpot helps you:

Never wonder if you’ve received the information you need. Immediately see new form submissions and file uploads in the HubSpot activity timeline, in connected properties and record attachments. You can also automatically update your HubSpot pipeline movements for new form submissions directly from Arrows.

Personalize the experience with information you already have. Enable customers to verify existing HubSpot property values in forms, or automatically mark tasks complete when you know the answer. Use information from the connected HubSpot record to personalize the form description and label.

Get started with Arrows

All Arrows users on any paid plan have access to the full functionality of Arrows forms. To get started, create a free Arrows account and add a form or file upload action to any task in your plan template.

If you have specific questions about how these new features work or would prefer a personal walkthrough of Arrows, book a demo with the Arrows team.

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