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Collaborative customer onboarding. Seamlessly integrated with HubSpot.

Arrows scales your customer onboarding process with collaborative action plans that connect to HubSpot deals, tickets, and custom objects. Our best-in-class integration keeps customers moving forward, from handoff to successful rollout.

Your customer’s view

Your team’s view

"I've literally never ever had a customer see Arrows and not love it. Even my SE, who sat in on an Arrows demo, was blown away."

Daniel Huang

Account Executive at HubSpot

We just did our first Arrows onboarding and we got every answer in 4 hours! It used to take weeks. And yes, you can quote me. I am loving Arrows!

Drew Finkel

Sales Manager at Genda

It’s actually unbelievable how much of a difference this has made for us and how quickly we were able to get our customers up and running.

Allison Howe


When you get a new customer...

Ditch your onboarding spreadsheets. Quit sending long "next steps" emails. Stop overwhelming your customers with project management tools.

Send them Arrows.

Arrows named an essential app for customer service by HubSpot.

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Drive customer action

Collect everything you need from new customers quickly.

Stop sending reminders to customers. Arrows is designed to help participants stay on top of their tasks and get them done on time—whether that's collecting data, signing documents, or scheduling meetings.

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reduced early churn by 90%

Create team efficiency

Power your HubSpot pipeline with real-time onboarding data

Sync 40+ datapoints in realtime from Arrows back to HubSpot deals, tickets, or custom objects. Reports, workflow automations, email sequences, and more can now be enriched with  data from your onboarding platform. This helps your team run more efficiently, effectively, and without distraction.

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increased onboarding capacity by 13x

Deliver big results

Get the visibility your team has been craving

Learn where customers get stuck, which customers are falling behind, and where you can make improvements. Stop making your team guess. Then use that data to iterate on your process until it's absolutely perfect.

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iterated on their templates.

Customers will breeze
through your tasks

Task types in Arrows give your customers actions that they can complete directly on the task page. Help them stay on the happy path and get to their goals faster than you thought possible.

Arrows file upload task type
Arrows form task type
Arrows embed task type
Arrows subtask task type
Arrows button task type
Arrows text task type

Before using Arrows, most customers came to our launch calls without any previous engagement on the platform. Now more than half complete a lot of legwork before the call. This allows our team to be more strategic and answer any questions from their initial experience which ultimately drives adoption.

Sarah Beecham

Client Success at Hook Security

Ever thought "I wish one tool could consolidate the multiple tools I use right now into one?" Look no further if you onboard or manage any form of customer lifecycle or journey. Consolidate all data silo tools you currently have to just HubSpot + Arrows.

Anthony Bendas

COO at Level Effect