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Plan activity: View engagement insights at a glance

Kim Hacker

May 16, 2023

2 minutes

Understanding how customers interact with your onboarding plans is crucial for continuous improvement.

Arrows now gives you the ability to quickly get insight into how each customer is engaging with your onboarding plans over time.

The new activity tab in Arrows blends high-level stats for quick overviews with an in-depth feed for more a more holistic picture, keeping your team informed and aligned on customer progress.

Here's what you'll find:

📈 View a chart that shows the overall level of engagement over the last 30 days

✅ See how many tasks have been completed, how many times the plan has been viewed, and how how many total engagements there have been

⏰ Get a detailed timeline of all plan activities, including emails sent, overdue tasks, plan views, comments, and more

Want to see more comprehensive data across multiple Arrows plans? Check out our template insights feature.

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