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Task actions: form fields, file uploads, embeds, and more!

Shareil Nariman

October 20, 2022

2 minutes

When you ask your customers to complete a task, they need to know who is responsible, when it should be done by, how to go about doing it, and why it’s important.

Where they need to do the task is just as important!

Adding actions to your tasks lets your customers know they can finish it right where they already are… in your onboarding plan.

Reducing the number of places a customer has to jump between, increases the likelihood of them actually completing the task.

You can embed content, like a meeting scheduling page or a welcome video, directly into your tasks.

Your customers can upload the CSV you need or download the PDF you want to share, all without leaving their onboarding plan.

Add form fields into your task to ask your customers for critical information that’s required to keep the process going forward. The added bonus is you can sync these forms directly with HubSpot so everyone in your organization can see these answers too!

Check out all the task actions when you’re editing your next task…

And, add the appropriate ones to ensure your customers can finish the task at hand without having to wonder “where” they need do it… uploading their process documents or confirming their goals in this case.

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