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Simple HubSpot Pipeline Automation In Arrows

Pipeline automation in Arrows is the fastest way to keep your HubSpot pipeline up to date without any hacky workflows or complex logic 🤖

Stuart Balcombe

April 17, 2024

2 minutes

What if you could automatically move customers through your onboarding or implementation pipeline in HubSpot whenever a customer engages and takes action in your onboarding plan?

With Pipeline Automation in Arrows we can make sure our pipelines in HubSpot are always up to date for reporting and ensure you’re never guessing which task needs to be worked on next in your process without your team spending valuable time digging for data or updating the pipeline manually.

How Does HubSpot Pipeline Automation Work In Arrows

Step 1: Access pipeline automation from any Arrows template and enable it from the left sidebar.

Step 2. Select the pipeline in HubSpot you would like to automate.

Step 3. Choose your automation criteria – Arrows completed tasks, phases, or plan status changes.

Step 4. Publish your pipeline automation.

What Can You Do Now Your Pipeline Is Updating Automatically

Now, with accurate and up to date information in HubSpot about the progress customers are making through our onboarding process we can confidently build reports and trigger timely automations.

With a real-time overview of all customers in our onboarding process we can confidently provide visibility across teams into onboarding performance, and more easily identify areas for improvement.

Pipeline automation in Arrows makes it easier than ever to streamline your team’s daily workflow and in turn deliver a more engaging onboarding experience to customers. Sign up to give it a try, or talk to sales for a personalized demo.

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