Enable your new customers with collaborative onboarding plans

Kim Hacker

July 19, 2023

1 minute

While managing your internal handoffs is critical, what ultimately matters to your customers is that they have the resources they need to reach success with your product.

Many teams rely on long email threads or spreadsheets to communicate the steps customers need to complete during onboarding, but your customers don't have the time or patience to sift through all of that.

Here's why using a Arrows collaborative onboarding plans to enable your customers is key:

  1. Arrows lets you lay out each step of the onboarding process in a clear, easy-to-follow plan. This clarity ensures everyone knows exactly what needs to be done and when.
  2. With Arrows, you can set and communicate deadlines and for each task. This keeps the process on track and highlights the importance of each step in achieving the desired outcome.
  3. A shared, interactive space allows for real-time communication. This means any questions can be answered quickly and everyone stays aligned on the shared goals.
  4. Arrows plans make it clear who’s responsible for each action – whether it's your team or the customer. This eliminates any confusion about who does what.
  5. You’ll have a record of what’s been completed and what’s still pending. This visibility helps in maintaining the momentum of the onboarding process.
  6. Automated task reminders takes the burden off your team from having to constantly follow up, making the process less intrusive for the customer.

The best part? While your customer takes action in their Arrows onboarding plan, all of their progress gets automatically synced back to HubSpot so your entire team can always stay up-to-date with where the customer is in their journey.

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