3 Basic Principles for Sales Handoffs in HubSpot

Stuart Balcombe

January 30, 2024

2 minutes

Sales handoffs often come with a fair share of confusion and aren't always as smooth as we'd like.

A key part of delivering an outstanding customer experience is ensuring the customer feels heard by the sales team and has a clear understanding of how your solution fits their needs.

Remember, a GREAT handoff can significantly increase customers’ excitement, while BAD handoffs can quickly kill it.

If your sales to customer success handoffs are leaving customers in the dark, they're much more likely to deprioritize your solution.

Streamlining the process to remove tedious tasks not only keeps your team focused on fostering valuable relationships but also helps customers maintain their momentum.

Here are 3 basic principles to nail your sales handoffs in HubSpot:


Make it easy for your team to follow the process.

👉 Set clear internal expectations on how handoffs should occur. If not everyone follows the process, someone will be left playing catch up and the customer will be left having to repeat themselves.

👉 Implement required fields and validation in HubSpot to ensure the right data is captured accurately and at the right time, setting everyone for success.


Remove manual steps from the process.

👉 Sales and success teams should focus on strategic customer engagement rather than being bogged down by data entry or document creation.

👉 Use HubSpot to automate the tedious, repetitive tasks, and keep your teams focused on the customer relationship. Your customer shouldn’t be waiting for the next step because you didn’t have time to duplicate a template.


Clearly communicate the process to customers.

👉 Viewing handoffs from the customer's perspective changes the approach.

👉 Make sure they know the answers to these basic questions:

  • Who do I go to if I need help configuring my account?
  • When should I expect to go live?
  • How should I introduce this product to my team?

Remember, customers shouldn’t have to navigate your org chart to achieve their goals.

By leveraging HubSpot, you can create an efficient sales handoff process, ensuring all teams are in sync and customer journeys are smooth and successful.

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