Require critical properties to be filled out between pipeline stages

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Require critical properties to be filled out between pipeline stages
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To ensure any required customer information is available for onboarding and success teams add required properties for moving a deal to “closed won”.

Which properties should you require?
  1. Context: Properties that provide context on the customer from previous conversations and discovery so you aren’t asking them to repeat themselves later such as goals, current solutions, existing challenges.
  2. Segmentation: Properties that will be used to branch the customer experience. For example assign customers to different onboarding teams, create a specific onboarding plan, or send a specific email template or sequence.
  3. Reporting: Properties that will be critical for accurately reporting on the customer journey across teams. For example: The sales rep who closed the deal, the revenue amount associated with the deal, the target go-live date discussed with the customer.

Here's how to set it up:

1. Navigate to your pipeline settings page in HubSpot

To require properties at different stages in your HubSpot pipeline, go to Settings > Objects > Deals > Pipelines

2. Click on "Edit properties" within the pipeline configuration setup

3. Select any properties that meet the above criteria (context, segmentation, reporting) and make sure you check the "Required" option

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