Kick off a successful sales-to-onboarding handoff in HubSpot

Steal this HubSpot workflow to kick off a successful handoff from sales to onboarding and make sure nothing slips through the cracks in HubSpot

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Kick off a successful sales-to-onboarding handoff in HubSpot
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Steal this cheat sheet to run CS in HubSpot

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Reducing the time between deal closed and onboarding kicked off builds momentum with customers and helps validate their purchase decision.

We can use a workflow to make sure we have everything we need for a successful onboarding (and future renewal) without doing any manual lifting.

Here’s how it works:


Add a new number property to our deal records named “Renewal Year”.

1. Trigger the workflow when a deal is moved to “closed won” in your sales pipeline

→ Pro Tip: Use required properties to ensure all the information needed for onboarding is on the record.

2. Use an IF/THEN action to check all the critical data we want to copy over to our new records is available (and make sure the workflow doesn’t fail if not)

3. IF we have all the data we need THEN create a new deal in the renewal pipeline with the following details
  • Name: Renewal for { deal name } - Year 1
  • Close date 365 days out (assuming an annual contract) and the appropriate renewal amount.
  • Copy critical information about the account to the new deal. Eg Amount, Success Metrics, Persona, etc
  • Set the value of the “Renewal Year” property to 1

4a. IF all the data is set: create a new ticket in our onboarding pipeline with no owner (we’ll set the owner in a separate workflow)
  • Why a separate pipeline? A dedicated pipeline makes it easier to optimize and report on performance.
  • Should you use deals or tickets for onboarding? It depends. If you have access to Service Hub use tickets to create more separation and allow association with deals - otherwise, deals will work just fine.

4b. Copy each property to the newly created onboarding deal/ticket (shown in the sidebar)
  • Sales owner: Who closed this deal? We want this to report on onboarding performance by rep.
  • Migration required: Does this customer have additional implementation requirements?
  • Persona: Which type of company is this? Use it to segment the onboarding plan or assign the correct team.
  • Success Metrics: How will the customer define success with our product, so we know where to focus our initial use cases and onboarding efforts.

5. IF all the data is set: send a Slack notification to our team to celebrate the new deal closing AND share some context on what this customer is hoping to achieve

6. BUT if we are missing any of the information required for a successful onboarding then create a task for the sales rep to update the record

Building a repeatable process for handoffs lays the foundation for a connected customer experience, and helps set the flywheel in motion that drives customer expansion.

Steal this cheat sheet for running customer success in HubSpot

Not sure where to start? Download the 7 playbooks you need to scale across the customer journey.

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