Manage Customer Renewals & Upsells in HubSpot

Level up your customer renewal and upsell process in HubSpot with this tactical playbook

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Did you know 70-80% of your revenue comes after that first sale? 🤯

Despite this, many companies focus more on acquiring new customers than on making sure their current ones renew and buy more.

The choice to stay or go hinges on the customer’s journey - did it meet their needs and deliver the promised value?

But often, the go-to solutions are:
→ Sending out a bunch of 're-engagement' emails.
→ Starting a countdown sequence 90 days before renewal.

Unfortunately, by then, it might already be too late…

In this playbook, we’ll cover how to build a robust process for proactively managing renewals in HubSpot AND give your team visibility into the revenue being generated after the initial sale.

Read the step-by-step playbook below, or watch our video walkthrough.

Create a dedicated renewal pipeline in HubSpot

The first thing we want to do to manage our renewals process in HubSpot is create a new dedicated renewal pipeline using deals in Sales Hub.

The advantage of breaking out renewal deals into different stages is you can quickly visualize how many renewals you will need to handle in specific periods.

Add renewal-specific properties to HubSpot

In order to set up the rest of our workflows and reports for renewals, we'll want to create a deal property group specifically for managing renewals.

Create new renewal deals when sales deals close

We'll build on that by adding automation to create a new deal in your renewals pipeline with all the necessary information attached as soon as your sales deals get moved to closed won.

You likely already have a process set up to manage your sales pipeline in HubSpot.

Create subsequent renewal deals after the first year

Once a deal passes it's first renewal year, we'll want to create another renewal deal for each subsequent year.

Report on closed revenue by deal type and renewal year

Now that you've got your renewal process running in HubSpot, you'll want to start reporting on your renewal and expansion revenue.

This report will show different revenue types (renewals, upsells, contractions, and expansions) based on their renewal year.

This report will give you a monthly breakdown of closed revenue by type but also keep track of your total ARR.

Move deals through your pipeline based on days to renewal

In order to accurately track your upcoming renewals, you'll want to automate the movement of renewal deals in your pipeline. 

This way, you'll always be able to see which customers are approaching their upcoming renewal date.

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