Which HubSpot Hubs should you use for Customer Success?

Stuart Balcombe

January 2, 2024

2 minutes

HubSpot truly shines with its multiple Hubs that seamlessly work together, creating a holistic customer experience that spans from initial marketing efforts to long-term customer success.

But when it comes to customer success, which specific Hubs in HubSpot should you leverage?

We generally recommend a combination of HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub. However, it's worth noting that even individually, each Hub can be quite effective for customer success with the right setup and clever use of custom fields.

Let's dive a bit deeper:

HubSpot Sales Hub

Here's a golden rule: any discussion about pricing, discounts, or any other commercial aspects should be linked to a deal within the Sales Hub. Why? HubSpot deals make tracking and reporting on revenue simple. It ensures that every conversation is directly tied to its financial outcome, offering clear insights into how your customer success efforts like renewals and upsells are translating into actual profits.

HubSpot Service Hub

Think of Service Hub as your command center for the rest of the customer journey post-sale. From customer onboarding to ongoing success management, you can effectively automate your customer success processes based on standard Service Hub properties like ticket status. This type of automation can significantly reduce your team's manual work and help to keep your customers moving.

Which HubSpot pricing tier is right for you?

Well, the answer is the classic, 'it depends.' However, as a general guideline, to truly utilize the power of automation and create custom reports needed to effectively run customer success in HubSpot, you'll need to be on the HubSpot Professional or Enterprise tiers. The Pro tier is where you start to get access to the advanced features necessary to automate key processes and track the data movements essential for understanding and enhancing your customer's journey.

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