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Sync Arrows forms directly to HubSpot properties

Shareil Nariman

July 18, 2023

1 minute

We are often asking our customers to give us information about their business in order to deliver a more personalized onboarding experience.

What are your goals? Who is the main point of contact? Which integration do you use? The list goes on and on.

Arrows forms are a great way to capture that information throughout the onboarding journey.

And now, they are easier than ever to sync directly with HubSpot.

This saves you time, ensures CRM accuracy, and reduces the need to ask customers to repeat themselves!

Let’s look at an example…

Let’s say you want to know which CRM your customers are using.

A task with an Arrows form can help you capture that information and send the answer directly to the associated record in HubSpot - a property called “CRM” in this example.

When the form is submitted on the Arrows side, the CRM property on the HubSpot record is updated to reflect that answer.

Note: this plan is associated with a Deal record in HubSpot

When you are setting up the Arrows form, all you need to do is…

  1. Select the field type for HubSpot Tickets or Deals (deals in this example)
  2. Search for the property you want to connect the form to (CRM in this example)
  3. Verify the property format and type (it’s automatically synced from HubSpot)
  4. Choose if you want to make the form required or not

Arrows will automatically detect the format of property you are referencing in HubSpot and make sure your form is setup to accurately capture that information!

Whether you or your customers submit (or update) the form, the answers will always be captured in Arrows AND in your CRM so that everyone from both sides has visibility and access to the information!

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