Run your Customer Onboarding Process in HubSpot

Learn the best practices for building and tracking your customer onboarding process using HubSpot pipelines

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Customer onboarding is a crucial stage in the customer journey, and getting it right is essential.

When onboarding is run poorly, customers churn at a much higher rate.

Many teams face challenges with onboarding, as they have to switch between multiple tools that aren't connected. Too often, customers are lost in the shuffle and onboarding teams are feeling overwhelmed.

The ideal solution? Use HubSpot pipelines for your internal onboarding process and Arrows plans to help your customers make progress toward their goals.

We'll walk through each step to set up HubSpot to effectively manage customer onboarding.

Choosing the right HubSpot object for customer onboarding

So you're ready to start managing your customer onboarding process in HubSpot?

To start, we always recommend using pipelines to track the different stages in onboarding.

Whether you're eyeing deals, tickets, or custom objects, we've got you covered. Let's explore the options and pick the best object for your team.

Enable customers to make progress with collaborative onboarding plans

While managing your internal handoffs is critical, what ultimately matters to your customers is that they have the resources they need to reach success with your product.

Many teams rely on long email threads or spreadsheets to communicate the steps customers need to complete during onboarding, but your customers don't have the time or patience to sift through all of that.

Learn why using Arrows onboarding plans to enable your customers customers is key.

Create different onboarding paths for each customer segment

When it comes to customer onboarding, one size does not fit all.

You've likely created a more comprehensive, white-glove experience for your enterprise clients, while your SMB customers might receive more of a quick, self-guided approach.

With Arrows templates, you can easily create unique onboarding journeys for each of your customer segments.

Take it a step further and use your CRM data to organize your new customers into segments. Pop that data into a HubSpot workflow, and then you can automatically trigger the right Arrows plan for each new client.

Automate your onboarding pipeline movement based on customer progress

When you have clear definition of when customers should enter and exit each stage in your pipeline, you can save your team a whole lot of manual CRM management with this workflow.

In this example, we're updating onboarding pipeline with real-time data from the collaborative onboarding plan the customer is working on.

Identify customers stuck in onboarding with HubSpot deal tags

If you're managing customer onboarding in a HubSpot deal or ticket pipeline, especially at a high volume, you know how important it is to have an at-a-glance overview of your customer's progress.

You can set up deal or ticket tags on your onboarding pipeline to be able to easily track the critical data points that mean the most to you.

In this example, we're creating a deal tag when a customer has been stuck on an onboarding task for more than 7 days.

Get visibility into onboarding activity with a HubSpot report

Having real-time insight into how the customers in your HubSpot onboarding pipeline are making progress and where they might be getting stuck is critical to reducing their time-to-value and iterating on your process.

We can combine Arrows onboarding plan data in a HubSpot report to provide granular insight into our customer's progress.

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