Get visibility into onboarding activity with a HubSpot custom report

Steal this HubSpot report that uses Arrows onboarding plan data to provide real-time insight into your customer's progress and identify potential bottlenecks.

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Get visibility into onboarding activity with a HubSpot custom report
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Steal this HubSpot report to keep track of customers' progress in onboarding.

Having real-time insight into how the customers in your onboarding pipeline are making progress and where they might be getting stuck is critical to reducing their time-to-value and iterating on your process.

We can combine Arrows onboarding plan data in a HubSpot report to provide granular insight into our customer's progress.

Here's how it works:

1. Create new HubSpot properties

To receive real-time data from our Arrows onboarding plan we’ll add:

  • Plan Completion Percentage
  • Days to Target Date
  • Current Task Name
  • Current Task Assignee
  • Time On Current Task
  • Overdue Tasks

2. Set up Arrows data sync

We'll integrate Arrows to sync data into the properties we just created in HubSpot.

3. Create a new report

From the Reports page, select “Create Report” and select the Single object report type using Deals or Tickets.

4. Add your data to the report

Search and select each of the properties we added to include them in our report.

5. Select your visualization

Select the unsummarized data table visualization type for this report.

6. Save report & add to dashboard

Add your report to a dashboard to improve your team’s visibility.

7. Review your report dashboard

View the finalized report in your HubSpot dashboard and see data update as customers take action (or not). You can filter this report by customer owner or any other HubSpot property such as last contacted.

8. Automatically share your report weekly

Send your report as a recurring email to onboarding managers and related teams to provide visibility into post-sale progress.

Giving your entire team visibility into the progress customers are making in onboarding inside the tools they are already using is a great first step to identifying bottlenecks and improving your process.

Use this template in Arrows

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