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HungryHungry Reduced Early Churn by 90% And Doubled Onboarding Efficiency


Restaurant Technology

Results with Arrows

Increased onboarding rep capacity by 2.5x and reduced early churn by 90%

How do they use HubSpot?

Service Hub for customer success, ticket pipeline for onboarding

Key Arrows features

File uploads, dynamic branching, HubSpot data sync

We've been able to increase the number of onboards that each team member is doing. At the same time, reduce the failures to launch, and increase the speed through the pipeline. You don't often get all of those wins.‍

The Challenge

HungryHungry is an ordering and payment solution for cafes, bars, pubs, and hotels. Its solution spans in-venue ordering (think QR code ordering, at-table payments) through out-of-venue ordering (like DoorDash).

Their buyers aren’t typical “SaaS people”. They’re not sitting at a desk all day, so if the onboarding isn’t well-designed, if there’s too much friction, then sometimes customers don’t complete it, which can result in an account churning before they even get off the ground.

Scott Fox is the Head of Operations, and leads the onboarding process at HungryHungry.

To get up and running, customers need to give us a lot of information from the start. We had to spend so much time chasing down information from customers–emailing to get them on the phone or zoom, or answer things via email.

This includes sharing their menu, hours of operation, specials, logos, number of tables, access to Stripe, etc.

Before Arrows, we requested all of this in a single onboarding email. This was sometimes overwhelming for the customer, which led to the early churn pattern we were seeing.

Essentially, a customer would get stuck in onboarding and give up. If they remained stagnant in the onboarding pipeline for too long, it was very hard to reactivate them and regain their engagement.

We call it “failure to launch” when the customer churns during onboarding. Before Arrows we were seeing lots of those - around 10-20% when it was at its worst.

The Solution

HungryHungry started using Arrows to make these onboarding steps smaller and more achievable for their customers. They leverage the HubSpot integration to ensure that any information uncovered in the sales process is automatically included in their onboarding, so the customer doesn’t have to do double work.

What’s great about Arrows is that it breaks the onboarding work up into bite-sized pieces that are less overwhelming to complete. It’s so satisfying to see the notifications roll in when a customer starts checking work off of their plates.

The Result: Better Collaboration, 90% Reduction in Early Churn, and 2.5x Onboarding Efficiency

A Platform For Better Internal Collaboration

Onboarding managers used to switch between email and spreadsheets to see their customers' onboarding progress, which was frustrating and wasted a lot of time. Today, that information flows through HubSpot for easy viewing on the customer and book-of-business levels.

“They no longer need to review every detail in disparate systems to track progress individually; they have an automated system to rely on which keeps them informed of any developments.”

Sharing that information with relevant team members has also become easier. Previously, much of the information about a customer’s progress was stored in the mind of the onboarding manager. To add to the headache, HungryHungry’s sales and success teams were constantly asking onboarding for updates about how customers were progressing.

Today, the teams receive notifications in Slack whenever customer actions are taken or progress is made, so everyone is on the same page and can collaborate in real time.

The team manager can view the pipeline overview in HubSpot to get a clear overview of the progress and bottlenecks of an onboarding cohort. Ticket tags flag when overdue tasks need prompt attention so the team can jump in.

Near 100% Onboarding Success, and More Bandwidth For Managers

Since implementing Arrows, HungryHungry has seen a decrease in customer churn and an increase in onboarding efficiency.

Normally, if you load up your onboarding managers with too many onboards, you expect to see more churns happening. But we've been able to increase the number of onboards that each team member is doing and, at the same time, reduce failures to launch and increase the speed through the pipeline.

What that means is, individual onboarding managers can now handle more customer onboardings at one time.

Our initial customer churn rate used to be quite high. At one point, we were experiencing a ‘failure to launch’ rate of around 10 to 20 percent, which was the peak. Now, such occurrences are very rare, less than one percent.

And it also means they’ve seen a reduction in early churn!

Now that it’s so much easier for the customer to share their information early on, we’ve reduced “failures to launch” to near zero. Plus, each onboarding manager can now handle ten onboards at one time, a significant increase from the previous average of around four.

Wrapping Up

HungryHungry’s business model is a mix of subscription and commission revenue or service fee revenue. So, for them to be successful, their clients need to be successful.

We must ensure they're set up for success at the start. Otherwise, they won’t get the benefits they signed on for. In order for us to be successful, our clients need to be successful.

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