How to Choose the Best HubSpot Solutions Partner For Service Hub

Everything you need to know about finding and hiring a solutions partner to help your business with HubSpot Service Hub.

Stuart Balcombe

April 18, 2024

7 minutes

It’s 2024 and HubSpot is no longer just a marketing suite. It’s the connected platform for managing the entire customer journey.

Hiring the right solutions partner is a strategic investment in unlocking the full potential of Service Hub, and realizing the benefits of the HubSpot customer platform to streamline processes and improve customer experience.

That said, many solutions partners focus on more established marketing and sales use cases in HubSpot. Selecting a partner with specific expertise in HubSpot Service Hub can make a significant difference in how you manage customer relationships and support after the sale.

To help you make the best decision for your business, we’ll focus on:

  • Key criteria for evaluating potential solutions partners.
  • Our Service Hub Solutions partner recommendations.
  • Tips for ensuring a successful partnership.

This post is another in our Customer Success in HubSpot series which aims to bridge the gap between the marketing and sales use cases currently running in your HubSpot account and what’s possible when you connect the customer journey in one place for your post-sale teams.

At its core, HubSpot Service Hub focuses on three key areas:

  1. Centralizing Customer Communications: By providing tools like shared inboxes, ticketing systems, and live chat, it ensures that all customer interactions are tracked and managed efficiently.
  2. Improving Customer Support: Features like knowledge bases and automated feedback tools help businesses proactively address customer needs and queries, reducing response times and increasing satisfaction.
  3. Enhancing Customer Relationships: Service Hub offers insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling personalized interactions that foster loyalty and encourage repeat business.

But…it’s time to stop thinking of Service Hub as just a customer service tool.

Remember how we said HubSpot is the “connected platform” for the customer journey?

Let’s map that out.

First, you get leads and nurture them using HubSpot Marketing Hub. Then inside Sales Hub, you take those leads and turn them into deals. Your team works the sales pipeline to guide those prospects into becoming closed-won deals.

Hold up, there’s one major gap — what happens next after you close a deal in Sales Hub?

It’s important to take those closed-won deals and guide them through the process of being happy, successful customers—everything HubSpot’s own onboarding team does. Otherwise, your customers won’t renew and they’ll churn.

Service Hub shouldn’t just be used as a reactive customer service tool—it should be the way you  run your post-sales processes in HubSpot. And when you combine Service Hub with best-in-class apps from the HubSpot marketplace like Arrows collaborative onboarding plans, the combination drives more customer engagement, deeper adoption, and long-term revenue expansion for your business.

The Importance of a HubSpot Solutions Partner (and How to Choose the Right One)

While the HubSpot customer platform provides a robust set of features for managing post-sale customer interactions, leveraging its full potential often requires .

This is where a solutions partner becomes indispensable. a solutions partner for the Service Hub brings specific skills and experience in handling post-sale scenarios, enhancing customer support, and fostering strong customer relationships.

Why Hiring A HubSpot Solutions Partner is Crucial

  1. Specialized Expertise: Solutions partners with specific focus on Service Hub understand the nuances of post-sale customer engagement and are adept at tailoring the Hub to meet these unique requirements.
  2. Customized Strategy: They can help develop strategies that use Service Hub features to their fullest, ensuring your customer service processes are not only efficient but also aligned with your business goals.
  3. Ongoing Support and Training: With continuous changes and updates in the HubSpot ecosystem, having a partner ensures you stay up-to-date, maximizing the tool’s effectiveness.
Readiness: Should You Hire A Solutions Partner?

1. Do you have a clear internal project owner/champion?

2. Have you clearly defined what success for this engagement will look like?

3. Do you understand what you bought from HubSpot?

4. Do you have budget to invest in a mid-long term commitment?

5. Do you have a clear understanding of your time to invest?

Need to DIY: Try Our Free Templates

If you don’t feel ready (or don’t have the budget) to hire a solutions partner today, we’ve got you covered with tactical guides for implementing post-sale use cases yourself in the Arrows Vault and YouTube channel.

How To Choose The Right HubSpot Solutions Partner For Service Hub

  • Evaluate Their Expertise in Service Hub: Look for partners who demonstrate a deep understanding of Service Hub and its application in post-sale scenarios.
  • Assess Their Track Record: Consider their experience and success stories with other businesses, especially those similar to yours.
  • Check for Comprehensive Support: Ensure they offer end-to-end services, from initial setup and customization to ongoing support and training.
  • Prioritize Communication and Cultural Fit: A partner should not only be skilled technically but also align with your company’s culture and communication style for a smooth collaboration.

By choosing a solutions partner with a focused expertise in HubSpot Service Hub, you position your business to maximize the benefits of your post-sale service strategy, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Recommended Solutions Partners for HubSpot Service Hub

When it comes to choosing a solutions partner for HubSpot Service Hub, the following are our top recommendations. Each has shown a unique strength in leveraging Service Hub for post-sale customer success.

Origin 63

Specialized in providing high-touch, customizable CRM solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of sales, marketing, service, and operations teams Origin 63 is a HubSpot Elite solutions partner offering deep technical consulting expertise.

Known for their expertise in CRM and HubSpot Service Hub integrations, Origin 63 excels at streamlining customer service processes and data migration, ensuring seamless transitions and efficient operation.

Origin 63 has significantly enhanced operational efficiency and customer service for growth-oriented businesses through expert implementations of HubSpot Service Hub, driving measurable improvements in ROI and customer satisfaction.

CEO Samantha Anderson has seen a growing trend among companies running a really strong post sale motion using HubSpot Service Hub by combining a ticket pipeline with HubSpot’s integrated helpdesk functionality.

“For software companies, we've seen some sophisticated onboarding workflows especially when they need to gather a lot of information by creating a ticket process to track the individual stages and milestones of their onboarding program and also to notify and distribute data that's being captured at the individual stages to the right people.”

Their tailored approach and commitment to empowering revenue leaders make Origin 63 a standout partner for businesses looking to optimize their usage of HubSpot Service Hub.

Mole Street

Mole Street is an Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner known for its deep expertise in integrating and optimizing HubSpot's technologies for mid-market and enterprise organizations. With a strong focus on technical consulting and growth-driven design, they prioritize sustainable business performance improvements.

Mole Street excels in implementing HubSpot solutions that align teams, technologies, and outcomes, focusing particularly on maximizing the potential of the HubSpot Service Hub to meet business objectives effectively.

They have successfully transformed digital strategies for several notable clients, including the United States Golf Association (USGA) and CaseText enhancing their customer service capabilities through strategic use of the HubSpot customer platform. Mole Street's approach has led to significant improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiency for their clients.

Principal HubSpot consultant Mark McCarthy shared how he oversaw a project to bring 180 customer service reps into HubSpot Service Hub migrating from an in-house solution by building multiple ticket pipelines, automations and external communications playbooks.

With their robust methodology and commitment to growth, Mole Street offers a partnership that goes beyond mere implementation to truly revolutionize how businesses interact with their customers post-sale. Their deep expertise in the Service Hub makes them an invaluable ally in navigating the complexities of customer service technology.


BridgeRev stands out as an Elite HubSpot Partner, specializing in technical consulting and revenue operations (RevOps). With a strong emphasis on custom HubSpot integrations, BridgeRev excels in tailoring the HubSpot platform to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency post-sale.

Director of Technical Services, Erin Wiggers shared how BridgeRev has been leveraging HubSpot Service Hub to enable clients to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to the way they service their customers.

Known for their commitment to transparency and data-driven results, BridgeRev provides a comprehensive service that goes beyond mere implementation, helping businesses harness the full potential of HubSpot to meet their specific needs.

These partners have been selected based on their proven track record, expertise in Service Hub, and commitment to delivering exceptional post-sale customer experiences.

In the following section, we will offer tips on ensuring a successful partnership with your chosen solutions partner.

7 Commandments For Successfully Engaging A HubSpot Solutions Partner

Choosing the right solutions partner is just the first step. To fully reap the benefits of your collaboration, it’s crucial to cultivate a successful working relationship. Here are key tips to ensure a productive partnership:

  1. Clear Communication: Establish open and regular lines of communication. Clearly articulate your goals, expectations, and any concerns you have. This ensures both parties are aligned and can work together effectively.
  2. Set Realistic Expectations: Understand the scope of what your solutions partner can deliver. Setting realistic expectations helps in measuring progress and success more accurately.
  3. Collaborative Planning: Work closely with your partner to develop a strategic plan that aligns with your business objectives. This collaborative approach ensures that the solutions implemented are tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Regular Feedback and Adaptation: Provide and seek feedback regularly. A partnership is a two-way street, and adapting strategies based on mutual feedback can lead to better outcomes.
  5. Leverage Their Expertise: Your solutions partner is likely to have insights and experiences that can be valuable to your business. Be open to their suggestions and learn from their expertise.
  6. Trust and Transparency: Build a relationship based on trust and transparency. Trusting your partner’s expertise and being transparent about your business challenges allows for more effective problem-solving.
  7. Review and Evaluate: Regularly review the partnership’s performance against agreed-upon metrics. Evaluations help in identifying areas for improvement and celebrating successes.

By following these tips, you can ensure a fruitful and long-lasting partnership with your HubSpot Service Hub solutions partner, leading to enhanced customer support and business growth.

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