Arrows Named HubSpot's Top Customer Service App In 2024

Arrows collaborative onboarding plans has been named HubSpot's Top App for Customer Service and is the most installed customer success app in the HubSpot marketplace.

The Arrows Team

April 24, 2024

3 minutes

Arrows is excited to announce our inclusion as one of HubSpot's 2024 Essential Apps for Service.

This recognition highlights our best-in-class HubSpot integration, that gives everyone visibility into your customer's progress through their collaborative onboarding plan inside HubSpot. No more guessing games or disconnected tools.

HubSpot's Essential Apps for Service spotlights top-tier applications that enhance customer service capabilities within the HubSpot CRM. Essential apps are deeply integrated with HubSpot and make it simple to align your teams, tools, and data on a unified customer service platform, so you can connect with customers in an effective and meaningful way.

Arrows helps customer service teams using countless tools, and spending too much time chasing scattered information across fragmented solutions make HubSpot their source-of-truth for customer data.

Plus Arrows:

1️⃣ Has a best-in-class HubSpot integration with 2-way data sync

🌟 Is the only HubSpot Certified customer onboarding app

🏆 Is the most installed customer success app on the HubSpot Marketplace

Arrows is one of the fastest growing apps in the HubSpot ecosystem with >1,000 lifetime HubSpot app installs. Plus, our “how to run customer success in HubSpot” guide has almost 3,000 total downloads.

Interested in seeing how we can help scale your customer onboarding process? Try Arrows for free or schedule a personal walkthrough with the Arrows team.

From signing contracts and scheduling kickoff calls, to filling out intake forms and uploading files, Arrows makes it easy for your customers to complete each step in your onboarding process.

Each Arrows onboarding plan connects bidirectionally to a HubSpot deal, ticket, or custom object - perfect for teams who care about efficiency and automation.

The Arrows <> HubSpot integration allows you to:

  • Automatically create and share customer-facing checklists without leaving HubSpot
  • Connect Arrows customer activity and plan progress to your HubSpot pipelines
  • Use data from HubSpot properties to automate Arrows onboarding plans
  • Sync customer inputs like files and forms directly to HubSpot

You can read more reviews from our happy customers in the HubSpot marketplace, but here are a few highlights:


Breaks the onboarding work up into bite-sized pieces that are less overwhelming to complete

"We've been able to increase the number of onboards that each team member is doing AND at the same time reduce failures to launch and increase the speed through the pipeline. You don't often get all of those wins." - Scott Fox


It's FAR superior to one-off spreadsheets

"With Arrows, providing crystal clear "Next Step" instructions, & tangibly outlining the customer journey for a super feature-rich product like ServiceBell has helped us and our customers immensely.

Also, syncing everything with HubSpot for our team's visibility has not only improved the quality of our customer interactions but also our CRM hygiene as a whole." – Matt Sterbenz


I am loving Arrows!

"We just did our first Arrows onboarding and we got every answer in 4 hours! It used to take weeks. And yes, you can quote me." – Drew Finkel


Smooth Onboarding > Increased Adoption > Reduced Churn

"Before using Arrows, most customers came to our launch calls without any previous engagement on the platform. Now more than half complete a lot of legwork before the call. This allows our team to be more strategic and answer any questions from their initial experience which ultimately drives adoption." – Sarah Beecham

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