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Level Effect provides cybersecurity training programs to students looking to learn the ins and outs of of the cybersecurity industry. Their customer journey is complex with a lot of touch points, so it was important to find the right solution to consolidate and streamline those interactions.

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The challenge

Before implementing Arrows, Will and Anthony had a scattered process across their student  journey. They were constantly sharing dozens of spreadsheets, Google Docs, and notes, all linked in different places, so there was a lot of manual work to figure out where each of their students were at.

“We’d have calendar entries, email invites, task reminders, excel column entries that we hopefully remembered to update, and that’s how we’d miss things.”

Since their customer journey was so varied, it was critical to find a solution that was flexible and customizable for their unique workflow.

The solution

Will and Anthony were able to consolidate their student journey, from onboarding through course completion, with Arrows and HubSpot. Arrows gives Level Effect a customer-facing plan that allows them to assign tasks to each student, and then by syncing that Arrows data into HubSpot, they’re able to gather insights into the progress of each student and cohort.

“Will and I just rigged our process together with glue and duct tape before, and then all of the sudden Arrows came along and we literally just got rid of all that and put our process inside a simple, straightforward Arrows checklist, which is actually pretty amazing.”

Will’s found that he’s able to identify which students might be struggling or falling behind much more quickly with Arrows and HubSpot, which allows him to be more proactive instead of reactive with his outreach.

“Having Arrows and the HubSpot integration together has helped us keep on top of things and not let things slip because we constantly have that accountability with little reminders to follow up or check in with our students”

The Result: Increased performance with greater insight into customer progress

Since implementing Arrows and gaining the ability to track their customer journey more closely, Will has noticed a significant improvement in student performance.

“Because of Arrows and HubSpot tracking student progress, we’re able to catch a student falling behind much earlier in the journey, often even weeks and months in advance, which has caused our overall student performance to increase.”

What's next

Anthony and Will meet after every cohort to discuss ways they can optimize and improve performance, and they're always making tweaks to their Arrows plans to drive efficiency both internally and for their students.

"We're always looking forward and thinking about new and novel ways to use Arrows and HubSpot to improve our student journey!"

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