Automating customer onboarding using Arrows and HubSpot

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Lauren Armack, Learning & Development Manager at PATHWAYos uses Arrows and HubSpot to automate their previously manual customer onboarding process.

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Learning and Development

How PATHWAYos uses Arrows to reduce manual work

Lauren and her team have a thorough onboarding process that involves several training sessions for their feature-reach EdTech product. Before Arrows, they were spending too much time sending manual emails to their customers to let them know about each unique step in their onboarding and training processes.

Sending Arrows plans to customers enables their team to focus on being strategic during their kickoff and training calls instead of spending valuable time on things like gathering information that could have been filled out ahead of time.

What we love about their onboarding plan

  • Introduce their team members and put their customers at ease with a personalized note in the Arrows welcome card
  • List clear, distinct phases that make it easy for customers to understand where they're at in the onboarding process
  • Use Arrows forms to collect critical information like key contacts, goals, and preferred launch date, plus sync all this data back to HubSpot automatically

What they love about Arrows

  • They're able to share the entire customer journey upfront - no more manual emails or keeping customers guessing about what's happening next in the process
  • Their customers can fill out questionnaires in Arrows and all the key data syncs seamlessly back into HubSpot
  • Arrows plan data connects with their onboarding ticket pipeline in HubSpot, so they can see real-time updates as their customers make progress in their onboarding plans

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